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Wellness is for everyone. That's why we've created a platform dedicated to inclusivity. No matter your physical abilities, location, or age, we have something for everyone.


Looking for senior-focused fitness classes? We offer live classes with trained Wellness Coaches who can provide modifications for those with low mobility or limitations. Busy schedule? We have hundreds of on-demand videos available anywhere, at any time.


Do you prefer to socialize and make friends? Join one of our many social groups and clubs and join our Wellness Everywhere family. There is so much to unlock with Wellness Everywhere - from education and nutrition to mindfulness, fitness, and much more. Contact your health plan to find out if you can access Wellness Everywhere for FREE, or enjoy everything our platform has to offer for only $9.99 per month!

One-on-one Virtual Wellness Evaluation

Enjoy a free wellness evaluation by phone or video. A certified Wellness Coach will review your fitness level, goals, and needs to develop an individualized wellness plan and introduce the Wellness Everywhere platform.

Fitness & Mind/Body Classes

Experience live and on-demand fitness offerings such as strength, balance, stability, dance, and flexibility. Or find solace in a mind/body class like mindful meditation, yoga, tai chi or memory enhancement.

Education & Social Gatherings

Learn something new in one of our many education presentations covering topics such as nutrition, sleep, and chronic illnesses. Make new friends in our hobby and craft clubs or social connection events!

What our members have to say

"It's magnificent. I'm so glad that we have it." - Theresa B

"Don't be afraid to start. They're there to help you in every way. So you go ahead and join, and they will always help you and be there for you." - Judy S

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