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Nifty after Fifty has impacted thousands of lives at each and every one of our centers. Here are a few of the heartfelt comments. If you are a Nifty after Fifty member and would like to share how we have helped you achieve greater wellness, send us a note through our online contact form.


Nifty...after 50? YES!

After Fifty...?  Can we be Nifty...?  Asking myself this question at 70+ I enjoy a solid answer of YES...!

After only a short 90 day, twice a week STRENGTH training program with Nifty after Fifty in Apple Valley, CA my success with this program was put to a sudden test.  Involved in a major freeway accident, I am pleased to report my body has recovered remarkably well in ten weeks.  I attribute, as does my medical team, this quick recovery to the increased STRENGTH benefit gained, the supportive staff and of course the upbeat Nifty after Fifty members contributing laughter and warm camaraderie.  My family and friends now refer to me as Nifty after Seventy!  Thank you...

-Dotti S., Apple Valley, CA


I Feel Like I'm Coming Home!

My mother has been attending Lakewood’s Nifty after Fifty since last August. My mom is 87!!!  She had heart valve replacement surgery on her 85th birthday and is just now doing great. Nifty after Fifty is a big part of that!! My mom is thrilled and so are we!!

She is sooooo comfortable and happy there. She loves everyone there and just feels soooo accepted. My mom has never been a really confident person in that type of setting, but from day one EVERYONE has made her feel like gold!! There is not anyone there who has not treated her wonderfully!!

She was out ill for one week and when we walked in [to Nifty], she stopped for a minute and said "I feel like I'm coming home."  She missed it soooo much!!

Just know the work everyone does there is fantastic and it means soooo much to my mom and to our family.

-Patricia D., Lakewood, CA


Be consistent and you'll be amazed

I have been a member since February 1, 2010. By following the instructions given by Fitness Coach Eddie and being consistent with my exercise program I no longer have sciatic pain in my left leg. I lost inches and gained muscles.

I encourage any senior person to join Nifty after Fifty. Be consistent and you will be amazed how much better you will feel. You will feel more energetic and have opportunities to meet other wonderful people.

If you are diabetic and have poor circulation, you will find you start healing better and your glucose numbers will definitely go down.

-Jeanette C.,  Beaumont, TX


Nifty after Fifty is the best thing that’s happened to me.

Nifty after Fifty is the best thing that’s happened to me. The thoughtful staff is helping seniors and handicapped people get the exercise everyone’s body needs. The equipment is always in good shape, it works well and it is always clean. The whole facility is clean, and that means a lot to me. Each of us has a closely monitored program we follow, and the setting of the exercise equipment has been programmed into the key we insert before using each machine. I feel I am getting a good work-out twice a week, and I feel stronger and more agile, I can recommend this wonderful program to all seniors.

-Irmhild o. B., Pasadena, TX


Now I will not miss my twice a week sessions.

I have been a member of Nifty after Fifty since May, when I decided to take advantage of the Texan Plus offer. I had not been doing any kind of exercise, now I will not miss my twice a week sessions. My stamina has improved, and I look for continued over all strengthening of my muscles. The staff is wonderful always helpful and encouraging.

-Pat H., Pasadena, TX


He is causing the agility of my body to be much better.

Upon the suggestion of our trusted friend and doctor we (Frank & I) came to Nifty After Fifty.

My NAF times have become increasingly harder but always doable. Donald is working hard at helping me use the right side of my body. He is causing the agility of my body to be much better.

-Frank N., Pasadena, TX


My body screams a big “Thank you!”

We came initially for my husband but I have been so blessed by the regular exercises. My body screams a big “Thank you!”  The staff is always prompt and ready to assist. So we know our trip through 4 cities & towns to come has been worth it!

-Nancy N., Pasadena, TX


It’s a fantastic program!

I think it’s fabulous! It has helped us immensely. Not only physically but mentally. I told our doctor about it and I said that it was great! It’s a fantastic program!

-Bettie L., Memorial, Houston, TX


...very invigorating, friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

The people are very nice and I find that this facility is a very invigorating, friendly and comfortable atmosphere.  I look forward to my days that I attend Nifty after Fifty and will continue to enjoy my time spent and experiences with my husband and the friends I have made. I just got my 3 month evaluation and I am very satisfied of my results!

-Charlotte R.


Bob T. Story

Bob T. started working out at Nifty after Fifty in May of 2012 at the urging of his wife Janet who was already attending the gym. When Bob walked through the doors he weighed 232lbs, had a body fat of 36.9%, a body muscle of 26.8%, and a BMI of 33.2. Bob was thoroughly evaluated by Nifty after Fifty’s Fitness Coaches and given some tough, but attainable goals to achieve. Bob took the Fitness Coaches’ recommendations by the horns, combined them with his changed eating habits and he started seeing some serious results.  Bob attended Nifty after Fifty as many days as they would let him. He did his regular individualized exercise program, participated in their Core Concepts and Circuit Training classes, and eventually became a Nifty MASTER. A Nifty MASTER must reach a goal of 50 visits in a consecutive 6-month time frame. When Bob became a Nifty MASTER he received a t-shirt, water bottle, tote bag, and key chain. Today, with Bob’s determination and the help of Nifty after Fifty, he is 64lbs lighter, has a body fat of 15.4%, a body muscle of 37.7%, and a BMI of 24.1. Bob also completed a half marathon (13.1 miles) in 2 hours and 55 minutes. Thanks to Nifty after Fifty he has improved his overall health, strength, flexibility, and endurance and is feeling great. Way to go Bob!  


Thanks to the people at Nifty after Fifty...

I love to come to Nifty after Fifty.  When I first started coming, I was coming with a walker and needed a lot of assistance to workout with all the equipment.  Thanks to the people at Nifty after Fifty, I’ve been able to adjust and use all of the equipment on my own.  Thanks again to all the girls at Nifty after Fifty for all of their help."

-Carmen C., Long Beach, CA


My balance and awareness of the environment around me have improved drastically.

I am 84 years old.  Before I started attending gym classes at Nifty after Fifty I was having difficulty walking.  I was losing my balance and falling frequently.  My son decided to enroll me in the balance and exercise class at Nifty after Fifty in Garden Grove.  Since then I have lost over 40 pounds and my balance and awareness of the environment around me have improved drastically.

I am still attending classes twice weekly and I really enjoy it.  The camaraderie we share helps to motivate us and it makes for a fun environment.  Nifty after Fifty has helped me out tremendously and I know it can do the same for anyone who is willing to try it."

-Laura M., Westminster, CA

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