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Fitness Everywhere® Classes

Classes may vary by location


Wellness Everywhere™

Fall Free® Balance


  • There are 3 levels of classes based on ability: Fall Free 1 Balance Essentials, Fall Free 2 Balance Enhanced and Fall Free 3 Balance Elevated

  • Combinations of  strength, proprioceptive, vestibular, vision and core exercises that progress each week for a total of 12 weeks

  • Include after a fall training exercises

  • Offered 2x/wk

  • Pre class balance testing required for appropriate class placement & participation

  • Structured for class participants to start and end sessions together



Blended combinations of two different formats, each taught for 50% of the class.  Provides an opportunity to experience 2 classes at the same time; transitions between the two selected formats will keep you motivated and challenged the entire class!


Cane Fu® Class


Combines cardio and self-defense moves using a cane. You will get your heart rate up as you learn self- defense moves that will make you feel more empowered! This workout teaches how to defend your health and fight for fitness!


Cardio Lite: or Chair Aerobics (Chair assisted)


The majority of this class is taught in a chair. The exercises are designed to strengthen your cardiovascular and muscular system.


Circuit Breaker


Class design utilizes a circuit format alternating from a cardio station or drill to a strength station. Each station is 30-45 seconds including upper and lower body exercises for a complete cardio and strength total body workout.


Core Concepts


The majority of the exercises are taught seated in a chair, designed to focus on your Core muscles by strengthening your abdominals and back for improved mobility and balance.


Express Class™


A 15 minute class to promote or give quick samples of specific classes for you to try. Perfect for those days you’re running late or leaving early. All fitness levels welcome.


Nifty Mix™


45 minute sampler class that includes various Nifty formats of strength & cardiovascular interval training, core stability, mind & body focus and stretch & relaxation techniques for a complete total body workout.  A Yoga mat will be needed.


Nifty Moves Class™

Like to dance and move? This is a 30 minute dance/movement based class will get you moving to the music right away! You will be having FUN while you’re burning calories and toning your body!


Pilates (Mat or Chair)


Series of controlled guided movements, taught in a chair or on a mat, designed to strengthen the body from the inside out through muscular strength and core stability, helping improve spinal alignment without placing stress on the joints.


Power Up™


Coach monitored small group training that gives you the opportunity to review and practice the NeuroDynamic Fitness techniques to ensure you receive the maximum benefits with each workout.

†Coach’s approval required to register. Max 6 participants/session


Set the Tone™


Full body workout designed to increase muscular strength and endurance using resistance tubing or bands, helping you "set the tone" for all areas of the body!


Silver Salsa®


Dance/movement class, including an introductory fitness evaluation, that features a variety of easy to follow Latin based moves and combinations. Set to international beats that will energize your every move!


Silver Lining™


Line dancing class designed for participants who arrive with or without a partner! Come and experience how much fun you can have moving in a line!  All levels welcome!


Stretch & Flex


Combines stretching and flexibility exercises that help alleviate tight muscles and stiff joints.


Tai Chi


Series of gentle and relaxing exercises designed to reduce stress, improve balance and concentration while promoting a feeling of well-being. This class is excellent for people trying Tai Chi for the first time.


Up in Arms™


Specific exercises designed to strengthen, reshape and tone the arms and shoulders.


No Fall Volleyball™


A fun and safe sport/activity for people of all ages and abilities. This game is played with two teams (3-4 people on a team), seated in chairs, using a standard size balloon and a 3 1/2’ foot net.




Combines traditional yoga and Pilates based conditioning exercises that are designed to strengthen your core and improve your overall flexibility.


Yoga Lite


Sequence of traditional yoga postures and breathing techniques that help to improve flexibility, balance & strength as you learn relaxation techniques proven to reduce stress and improve health.


Chair Yoga


Opportunity to learn & experience the benefits of yoga while seated in a chair. Teaches proper breathing techniques combined with modified traditional yoga poses that help to enhance relaxation and reduce stress.




Combines Latin rhythms, such as salsa, merengue, cumbia and reggaeton, to create exhilarating and easy-to-follow moves that will give you a safe & effective workout in a party-like atmosphere!


Zumba Gold®


Modifies Zumba moves to suit the needs for those just starting out on their fitness journey and healthy lifestyles.  It’s a dance-fitness class that feels friendly, and most of all, fun!




The Zumba® and Zumba Gold® trademarks are registered marks and the property of Zumba Fitness, LLC.


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