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Physical Therapy: Rehabilitation With A Difference


Expert Physical Therapists

Academic training, broad experience, superior communication abilities, and an open heart are the criteria used to select Encore Wellness® physical therapists. Most of our physical therapists hold master’s degrees and have practiced extensively in a variety of clinical settings. All are experienced in and enjoy working with mature adults.


Comprehensive Services

Our physical therapists utilize the latest techniques in orthopedic rehabilitation, soft tissue/ joint mobilization, and sports medicine. They are experienced and skilled in working with a variety of conditions, including lower-back pain, arthritis, fractures, and recovery from joint replacement, cardiac, and other surgeries.


Patients receive personalized care from our expert physical therapists.  At Encore Wellness® our physical therapists form trusting, healing partnerships with patients. Physical therapy is open to all ages, and each patient is supported with warmth, caring, and encouragement on the path to full recovery. Follow-up and patient feedback is routine.  Therapy appointments are conveniently scheduled Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 12:00pm and 1:00pm to 5:00 pm. Nifty after Fifty accepts most insurance plans, including Medicare.


The exclusive, Encore Wellness® physical therapy services include our Very Important Patient (VIP) program to ensure everyone receives the highest level of courtesy and service.




Specialized Equipment

Nifty after Fifty® has outfitted its centers with Keiser fitness equipment, specifically designed and clinically proven to provide optimal conditioning for mature adults. As appropriate, rehabilitative therapy may include use of specific equipment, clinically supervised by our physical therapists.  With pneumatic designs, the Keiser equipment uses air pressure rather than weights to create resistance. This prevents shock loading to connective tissues and joints, which is particularly important for recuperating patients.  Air pressure is adjustable in 1/10 pound increments rather than the 2-1/2 to 5 pound increments used with traditional weight equipment. This allows for increasing resistance in tiny steps that are both comfortable for patients and supportive of optimal recovery. Our centers also have Power Plate®, which use advanced vibrational technology to improve muscle strength, flexibility, and bone density.

Stimulus For Self-Care

After recovery, many patients are motivated to become fitness members to maintain and improve their strength, mobility, and stability.  Unlike other fitness facilities, our members are seen for workouts only at scheduled appointments and are personally supervised by college-degreed kinesiology specialists. For new members who previously received physical therapist services, the initial fitness assessment and program design are a collaborative effort of the member’s physical therapist and fitness coach.  The physical therapist also remains available for consultations with the member’s fitness coach for program adjustments.

Learn More

The unique Nifty after Fifty® approach to healthy aging has captured the attention of a variety of local and national media, including TIME Magazine, USA Today, CBS, NBC, and ABC. 


Of course, the best way to learn more is to visit us. To schedule a meeting and personalized tour with a physical therapist, please call your local Nifty after Fifty® center.


“Power Plate® is a registered mark of Special Sports Amstellveen, B.V. a Netherlands corporation.”


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