Numerous scientific studies confirm that exercise – especially strength/resistance training – is beneficial to our health in so many ways from improving balance to slowing down or even warding off diseases such as Alzheimer’s.  The importance of exercise is not just talk; it’s scientific fact.  And Nifty after Fifty makes it happen – our results prove it.

Download the Studies attached below.

Resistance Training in Older Women Study.pdf58.71 KB
Medica Health Plan Study - lower med. costs.pdf1.27 MB
Physical_disability_from_knee_osteoarthritis__the.4[1].pdf532.83 KB
Articles on Diverticulitis.pdf6.97 MB
Article Abstracts (keiser).pdf6.92 MB
cognitivefunctionarticle.pdf3.04 MB
Bedside to Bench.pdf1.03 MB
Journal of Gerontology - Aerobics Increases Brain Volume.pdf419.2 KB
Journal of NH and A - Strength Training Outcomes.pdf616.68 KB
Neurobiology of Aging - fitness and hormone treatment.pdf1.13 MB
CDC - Silver Sneakers HC Cost Reduction.pdf695.26 KB
jama article- Effect of Physical Activity-Alzheimer.pdf888.06 KB
Improved Functionality and Cost Savings.pdf239.37 KB
Power Training Improves Balance.pdf4.72 MB
Resistance Exr on Cognitive Function.pdf553.91 KB
Physical Conditioning to Enhance Driving Perf..pdf717.46 KB
PT Journal - FX of Exercise on Balance.pdf598.23 KB
AHA Physical Activity - Older Adults.pdf1006.78 KB
YALE Article - Physical Conditioning to Enhance Driving Perf..pdf541.75 KB

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