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We have all heard the phrase “Exercise is Medicine”. Here is the proof.  Scientific studies and other articles that demonstrate Nifty after Fifty’s Prescribed Fitness™ Programs will benefit you, if you start right now!

Download the Science Articles attached below.

Exercise...Aging Of Body - Telemeres (Wash Post).pdf56.72 KB
Importance of Ex and Phys. Activity in Older Adults.pdf183.44 KB
Exercise is Medicine - ACSM-AMA.pdf148.74 KB
Exercise Reduce Anxiety in Chronically Ill Patients - Medscape.pdf148.01 KB
HealthDay - Exercise May Help in Leukemia Recovery.pdf36.96 KB
Prevent Falls for the Elderly - ABC News.pdf960.97 KB
Exercise Reduces Risk of Cancer's Return.pdf697.82 KB
Falls Survey 5-2008.pdf390.92 KB
Exercise builds small blood vessels in brain.pdf43.22 KB
Wash Post - Health Clubs pgms for those with ailments.pdf148.43 KB
J-Watch - Mimicking Effects-Exercise with drugs.pdf967.55 KB
Journal Watch - Muscular Strength L-Term Mortality.pdf991.35 KB
Nature - Ageing, Fitness.pdf1.18 MB
NY Times - Fit not Frail.pdf954.78 KB
jama editorial - Physical Activity - Alzheimer.pdf2.86 MB
Exercise Lowers Risk of Colon Cancer.pdf78.76 KB
Light Exercise Prevents Atrial Fibrillation in Elderly.pdf67.58 KB
Newsweek - Stonger,Faster,Smarter.pdf974.21 KB
Exercise State of Mind - Newsweek.pdf831.9 KB
Keeping in Shape in Old Age Harder for Women.pdf53.91 KB
CDC - Costs of Falls Among Older Adults.pdf1.18 MB
Special Report - Fight Age with Muscle.pdf221.22 KB
Older & Wiser Article 4.2007.pdf2.23 MB

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