Forum Conditions

Please follow these rules and we should all enjoy the forum.  Nifty People is a free private site intended to be a welcoming and friendly place for seniors to chat and make friends.

  1. You should be at least 50 years old to join. This is really an “after fifty” site, but slightly younger ones are permitted!
  2. Registered names and email addresses must be true and valid.
  3. No duplicate memberships. Only one membership is allowed unless approved by administrator. Duplicate memberships will result in the removal and banning of that member.
  4. All posts must be legal and decent.
  5. No advertising without the consent of administrator.
  6. No 'Hijacking' of others posts - If you want to change the subject, start your own thread!
  7. No starting of threads that are an obvious criticism of another Member. Any criticisms should be sent to the administrator.
  8. No attacking other Members - those that do will be immediately suspended.
  9. No individuals should be identified in such a way as to cause upset or concern.
  10. Never post your personal information, phone, address, passwords, account information, etc.
  11. We reserve the right to delete, lock, or move posts without warning.
  12. If your post or topic gets deleted then read the rules and see if you can work out why. If you can't and you do it again then you run the risk of having your FREE membership withdrawn.
  13. You are welcome to mention other senior sites in the forum.
  14. All posts, photos and other activities you add to Nifty People cannot be deleted. This is because it would break the thread of the site's activities. Your own membership, profile and personal details can be deleted from your profile page though.
  15. Nifty People is a private site and we reserve the right to refuse or terminate membership.

You can contact Nifty People through the contact link on our site.

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