Enhanced Eccentric Muscle Training™ or "EEMT™"

All of us can lower more weight (eccentric muscle contraction) than we can lift (concentric muscle contraction). It has been scientifically established that strength training that emphasizes eccentric muscle contraction can produce greater muscle strength in a shorter period of time; and also, that it requires less oxygen than concentric muscle contraction. This is accomplished at Nifty after Fifty® by our special program Enhanced Eccentric Muscle Training or “EEMT” that prolongs the eccentric phase of resistance muscle training and/or increases the resistance during the eccentric phase of muscle training.

Also, because most falls and fractures result during stepping down (going down stairs) rather than climbing up stairs (concentric muscle use), Nifty after Fifty®’s EEMT program also makes use of decline treadmill training (eccentric muscle training) and decline stair-stepping training (eccentric muscle training).  

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