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Breathing Properly When Doing Strength Training Exercises

by Sheldon S. Zinberg, M.D.

Aerobic or cardiopulmonary training is extremely important for the maintenance of heart health. However, the value of resistance training and the importance of such have been underestimated in the past. Resistance training is extremely important for older adults in order to maintain physical strength, joint stability, and bone mineral density. While doing resistance training exercises, there is a natural tendency to hold your breath. Although this is the type of training used by some professional bodybuilders and competitive weightlifters, it's not necessarily what your training program should be about.

A little bit about breathing:

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White Fat or Brown Fat?

by Sheldon S. Zinberg, M.D.

All of us know that a healthful diet and exercise are important to our health; and all of us know that exercise will burn calories. So it’s clear that the more exercise we get and the more calories we burn the more likely we are to remain fit and maintain a healthy weight. The more calories we eat and the fewer calories we burn, the more quickly we become fat and fatter. Think of all that snowy white fat pushing our bellies out, enlarging our thighs and giving us double or triple chins. Notice I said snowy “white” fat because that’s what it is. Almost all of our fat is made up of white fat cells that store calories and are very difficult to break up. But there's another kind of fat called brown fat that’s made up of brown fat cells. Brown fat cells actually burn calories rather than store calories. Don't we all wish that most of our fat was made up of brown fat cells instead of white fat cells? 

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Seniors learn "cane-fu" self-defense

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Seniors learn "cane-fu" self-defense

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